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Spring Rolls

This recipe must have been handed down. I found it scribbled on a sheet of paper with no exact measurements! But try it out, and adjust it as needed. It is remarkable of taste and textures. I am sure you will find it tasty!

You will need:

olive oil

red and yellow bell peppers

leeks and carrots

shredded cabbage

shrimp or crayfish

cilantro, chopped

minced garlic

coriander seed

rice wine vinegar

Tabasco sauce

Julienne the bell peppers, leeks and carrots (if you want to use plain onions, go ahead...if you don't want carrots, fine. Make this your recipe!) garlic, cilantro and coriander. Shred the cabbage and set aside.

Heat a small amount of olive oil in a heavy pan (prevents scorching). Saute the peppers, onions, and carrots quickly, stirring often. Add: shredded cabbage, cook until softened, add shrimp (chopped well). Saute all for about 2 minutes. Remove from heat. Season with salt, pepper, dash of rice vinegar, Tabasco to taste. Mix all, taste, adjust seasonings. Let cool completely.

Using Spring Roll Wrappers made of rice paper, fill each one with 3 tbs of filling. Use egg wash at the corners to seal. Wrap on the diagonal, fold in the sides about halfway up.

Fry in hot oil (peanut oil at 375 degrees) until golden brown. Watch these carefully, you do not want a dark brown color! Just golden.


Take 2 oz Bloody Mary mix, 2 oz heavy whipping cream, mix, and cook slowly to reduce by half. Strain it, add 1/2 to 1 cup unsalted butter. Stir well. Add white wine to taste, chicken broth to thin it, and green onion pieces. Cook again to reduce. If you use crawdad tails, you can use the boiling juice instead of the chicken broth. Taste and adjust the seasonings. You can serve these without the sauce also, or use a bottled sweet plum sauce. Enjoy!


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