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Winter wonderland at Dunn Farm


Winter has arrived! The snow is piled up outside, the fire is roaring away, perfuming the cold, winter air and the scenery is absolutely gorgeous! Weekend hours are spent browsing plant catalogs, and online at the many garden sites. This is a time to dream, to reflect, and to plan. The trees extend their branches to Winter and she gently embraces them, clothing their outstretched limbs with frosty finery--shimmering layers of pure white snow, festooned with sparkling ice crystals that catch the light and glint brilliantly in the afternoon light. She kisses them, soft snowflakes that fall upon the ground, frozen.

Gardening is, of course, at a stand-still for the time being, stacks of Spring catalogs filling my coffee table! I am mesmerized by the colors, titillated by the choices, and I mentally plan where I can squeeze these wonders into my garden! Weekends are spent paging through the beautiful garden magazines; I especially love Fine Gardening. Enjoy our winter garden photos below, captured in timeless beauty, encased in shimmering crystals--Winter's jewels.


Tall, stately evergreens bend, sigh, sleep under the weight of the winter snows. Ravaged by snow storms, the gardens stand frozen in time. Broken arch, fallen Honeysuckle, casualties all around.
Her branches festooned with snow, the old tree stands ready in her Sunday dress.
Nandinas buried, hidden, snuggle under the snow. 




Early winter at the North fork of the Mokolumne River. 




The great Black Walnut tree stands sentry while the perennial garden slumbers until spring.  I love the winters here at Dunn Farm, the silent fall of the snow so beautiful to see! The winter landscape sparkles with ice castles and the pines are dressed in their lacy finery, long skirts of glistening snow sweeping the frozen ground beneath them. Thank you for visiting the winter garden! 

Snowy River
Winter boy
BeBe on a post
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