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pride 'n Joy

Enjoy your children NOW, spend time with them, get to know them--what they aspire to be, what makes them laugh, what excites them, what their passion is, what they hold dear--time is way too short, and there is an invisible bridge they cross over into adulthood.  It comes earlier than you think, and they cross silently, almost unseen. Keep those lines open, the pathway uncluttered.  It is a magical journey, exciting, unknown, never found again if missed. Only they know the way, so keep their hand tightly clasped, take a deep breath, and experience the adventure. Kids no longer, my daughter, Jennifer, and my son, Keith, are young adults with families of their own. I often think back on the times we spent together, enjoying the science museum, jaunts to the zoo, Saturdays at the movies, going from one show to the other, hot dogs and popcorn in hand, sitting in the dark enjoying one adventure after the other! Hours spent at soccer games, baseball games, and swimming meets, cheering my kids on! Don't miss it! And if you have regrets or have missed some of this wondrous time, then lock the door on the past, and begin anew, right now, today, building memories from this time on! It is never too late!

Keith and Jennifer are amazing persons and I love them dearly. Keith and Erin were married at our home in an evening ceremony under the stars on August 2, 1997. I was so excited when they asked us to host at our place. I was very pleased his grandmother, my mom, was able to attend their wedding, as she had been quite ill over the years. Erin's parents are a lovely couple who reside in Sacramento. Keith is attending the university at Madison, Wisconsin on a Fellowship for the next three years, studying law. His wife, Erin, is working at a hospital, studying to become a doctor. Together they share a passion for anthropology. They are working to create a life for themselves, each with their own expertise in their chosen fields. I am so proud of them both!

Keith, my oldest, is a brilliant young man, logical, inquisitive, and has varied interests. Besides his love of anthropology, he is interested in learning the Japanese language. I am very pleased he has found the perfect complement in Erin. I so enjoy talking with Keith, as he is very knowledgeable and I always learn something new. He instills in me an optimism, a rekindling of a belief in myself, in my potential! Just by being with him, in discussing many issues, I have been encouraged to continue my college education. He has a gift, a way of explaining most complex issues to this curious soul that I can clearly understand. Our children these days! They are truly amazing! Keith has a zeal, a hunger for knowledge, and an incredible, logical mind. Erin and Keith are both avid readers and their books have amounted to their own 'library'. To celebrate their first anniversary, Keith and Erin went to Desolation Valley, backpacking! Being almost one with nature was an incredible experience for both of them. I can just imagine the fantastic discussions they must have had sitting out there under the stars! 

Jennifer, my beautiful daughter, is a young businesswoman, a skilled hairdresser with a Salon partnership in Sacramento. She has a new man in her life, John, her new husband, who makes her incredibly happy. She is a great mom and spends lots of personal time with Ian and Logan, not only for school-related functions, but reading to them at bedtime, taking time to let them know they are loved, having special play times together, taking long walks along the river to just talk and enjoy nature, and giving them a nurturing, loving foundation. Jenny and I have become special friends over the last few years, a unique relationship that I cherish with my sweet and loving daughter. She is great fun and we always have good times when we get together. She has my mom's good looks, her dad's charm, and my creativity and cooking skills! She makes wonderfully designed cakes for the boy's birthdays and has great parties for them! Every Halloween she creates magic and mystery at their home, opening the doors to friends and family to enjoy a howling good time! She is a great hostess and wonderful cook! She loves to create unique, personal gifts throughout the year. 

She has two children, Ian, and Logan. Ian is having a great time in third grade! He is attending a private school and has made many friends. Ian has a very special best friend, Bryar. They have known each other most of their lives. One of their favorite things to do is to go ice skating. Bryar also likes to come up with Ian to visit us in the country. The boys always have such a good time! There is lots to explore and always lizards to catch. The last time they visited, they fired the old-time cap guns that Grandpa Tim let them use, running in and out of the forest. Ian has also invited his friend Mariko up to the farm and they had a wonderful time. She is really an adventurous girl and quite pretty! Visit the grandchildren's page at the Kid's Place. I have fond memories of my kids when they were little when I had to work a graveyard shift for awhile. I would leave recorded messages for each of them, along with little surprises so I wouldn't miss them so much, and still feel connected. Those were special times.   

Tim's daughter, Chalia, is a nurse in the Sacramento area. Her boyfriend, Chris, is the drummer for 'Milwaukee', an alternative rock band in Sacramento. He is also working and attending college. Chalia is a gifted artist; her mixed media includes water colors and charcoal drawings. But most outstanding are her pen and ink drawings. We are lucky enough to have a 'Chalia' original, a pen and ink drawing of our little cottage on Dunn Farm. They have just bought their first home and are excitedly shopping for carpet and furnishings. Quite an accomplished gardener, now she will have her own garden in which to design magical creations. I remember when she was 12; we did a floor plan together for new bathroom and room additions for the tiny house Tim rented in Wilseyville. The plans included a garden lanai, a spa area and long, wonderful windows to let the sunshine in; it was so fun creating that floorplan together!


NOTE: Now it's 2017 and so much has changed in all our lives, but these memories will last a lifetime!

Jen and her boys
Keith and grandma Connie
Mama, me and Jen
Keith and Erin
Jennifer and I enjoying cake
John and Jennifer
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