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Chances Are...

The good-looking, young man deftly flipped hamburgers with a skill that belied his youth. Sizzling, mouth-watering aromas filled the air, enticing the patrons of this establishment. The aromas drifted out to the beach, beckoning. People of all walks of life frequented this place, not only for the great food, but to chat with the personable young man.  This man had vision, as an old soul-- and he had a gift, a way with people. He was a great listener, because he listened to their souls and hearts. And so he felt their pain, their joy, and shared their whispered wishes and desires. All the time holding close a desire of his own. He had experienced a lifetime already and had traveled the world. Life amused him and he was the greatest fun they had had in a long time. He made them feel special, worthwhile and enriched their lives so.

Perhaps you have been lucky enough to have frequented Front Street, a little restaurant in Santa Cruz, at one time or another. To experience the incredible ambiance, to become part of the 'family', the laughter, the easy talk, the pleasure of enjoying life. Today the restaurant is no longer in existence although the memories continue to bring smiles to our hearts. It was famous for those burgers. You know, the Blue cheese burgers, mushroom and onions, and the decadent bacon cheeseburgers. Not to mention their sweet little side dishes (pastas, seafood, inventive singular creations). In this little place near the beach, talented young men presented an amazing array of dishes along with a wit and charm that immediately endeared them to you. This was an intimately friendly place--a casual sort of hang-out for good food, good friends and good times. After hours, he would enjoy the shop's hot tub under the stars, and dream. Santa Cruz, this was where Tim worked and lived, and where Chalia, his only daughter, was born.

And so it happened that he left this ocean city for the mountains of his daughter's home, to be near her. He was a sensitive, caring man, with a deep love for her. With a charisma given to few, he liked people, enjoyed life, and took nothing for granted. He had a gypsy soul, yet his heart seemed to be waiting, waiting for someone special, and something magical. 


She adjusted her short skirt, eyed the back view of her legs atop the cute white-strapped heels, and smiled. Tossing her long brunette hair, she whirled around to pose one more time before her mirror. All day she had been thinking about this guy at work; how he looked at her, how that made her feel. And it wasn't like anything she had ever experienced before. His voice was full with a deep resonance and his hazel eyes touched her soul.  She often found herself day-dreaming about him, which really surprised her. She was not looking for a relationship at this point in her life. There was just something about him that made her heart leap. He had the riverboat gambler look, with the jaunty tilt of his hat, and that bewitchingly sexy mustache.

She was in a place at this time of her life where she was discovering herself, trying new things, finding out who she really was after more than a decade of pain and sadness. The enlightenment totally empowered her, giving her a confidence she had never known. Now this stranger appears in her life, just when she wasn't looking! Suddenly she was excited, with a hope she hadn't felt in years. The promise of a gentle, happy future filled her days. Isn't it strange how things happen, this meeting of two souls? Uncontrived, unexpected, totally Meant to Be. Well, read on and see what I mean!

She often walked during her work breaks, and at lunch time. Winter lingered on, flirting with the sun, chilly breezes snaking up her legs. So she walked, thinking of her life, focusing on the events in her life. She wondered where she would be in five years, ten years. Would she be married? Where would she live? Would she be happy? The thought saddened her, slowing her steps and suddenly she felt alone. She shivered despite the warmth of the noonday sun and a cold breeze pierced her thoughts. Then a voice broke through, "Hey..". She immediately recognized the voice, it was Him!

Leaning against his truck, legs crossed at the ankles, hat charmingly tilted back a bit (like Clark Gable's!), he grinned at her. She was smitten with the casual charm of this man, who, in the same instant, thrilled her. He had a way about him, a seriousness, a depth, making him totally alluring. She choked out a light "Hi" and continued on her walk, not daring to look back, so conscious of his gaze. Over the next few months, they often ran into each other; was it really by accident? Or, perhaps, could he be waiting for her to pass each day? The short 'Hi's' turned into chats, and then, to longer talks. She started to expect him, walking near by or in his blue truck, parked, and always with that amused grin on his face. She looked forward to 'discovering' him during these times. So it was inevitable that one day he would ask her to stop and talk, and, perhaps, to step in out of the wind and chat?

Heart in her mouth so she could not speak, she smiled and stepped into his truck. Talk was casual, light. It was not hard to talk with him, even as shy as she was. He was exactly as he appeared, charming, witty, easy-going. He spoke of his mountain home, the way the stars looked in the night sky, the rivers coursing through the majestic country and the great photographs he had captured of special places, and moments. Oh! how much he loved it there, the peacefulness, the awesome beauty of the land, the honesty and integrity of nature. As beautiful as the sea shore, but with a unique freshness, a lovely ambiance of nature in a canopy of green. 


Driven by this fierce closeness to the land, he felt compelled to share his treasured photos with her, bits of his life, his loves, and invited her up to see them. He wanted to share everything with her. She barely knew him, but instinctively felt she could trust him. They set a date to meet and view the "etchings" as they laughingly called the photographs.

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