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ABOUT  Dunn Farm

Our farm is situated on almost four acres of gently sloping mountain terrain in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada's. The property is in a wooded glen which eliminates late afternoon sunlight, greatly reducing sun exposure in certain areas. In addition, our growing season is short since we often get late frost and snow as late as May. Usually our garden bloom times run about four weeks behind Sacramento's. As we work in Sacramento, I can enjoy their flowering periods, and then come home to enjoy those same flowers a month later. Talk about extended bloom times! We encountered many garden challenges at our mountain home with vigor and enthusiasm, for I had a vision, a picture of the desired gardens in my head, driving me forward each season.

We have created many small gardens to beautify our property and create pleasant little areas to relax and enjoy the gardens. The gardens are never really finished, as I add new plants, remove plants that did not thrive, or create new garden spaces. The intent here was to create a lovely natural cottage garden, which would tie our home in with the landscape in a natural fashion. A  series of gardens that were delightful to see, and pleasurable to visit. A cutting garden to meet my every desire, to provide bucketfuls of flowers, not only for our home, but for sharing with friends.  


Gardens that would ultimately be maintenance-free, winter hardy, and drought tolerant. I love to create venues within each garden room, pictures within themselves, increasing the vistas. We also planned for a garden that would sustain us with produce, herbs, and fruit, enabling us to become true farmers living off the land.

The first time I saw this property in 1992, I fell in love with it.  The grand, old Black Walnut tree, over 100 ft tall, in the center of the yard, spreading out his strong limbs; the many English walnut trees surrounding the house;  the magnificent Oaks,
Black Walnuts, Cypress and Pines gave the property a lush and immediately appealing presence despite its barren grounds. The shade cast by the trees was cool and inviting, beckoning us to linger. The flowering Dogwood tree was so lovely, her pink flowers framed against the trunk of the Black Walnut tree. 


There was a gentle slope of the land towards the east and I envisioned terraced steps, with gardens overflowing with flowers. I must have visited the vacant property at least ten times, traveling from our home in Natomas before our move-in date in 1992 to West Point, Ca... time spent watching the fish swim in the little pond, listening to the breeze in the trees rustling the leaves, and watching the sunset through the pines. It was just so charming, and now it was all ours! This was almost magical! Newlyweds and now, our very own farm! See our Farm Tour!

Note: This is how Dunn Farm was and the many adventures we had living in the foothills from 1992 until 2002. Enjoy our memories of a wonderful life spent here together!

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